The Authentic Expert: How to Prosper in the New World of Online Education (with Danny Iny – Season 2, Episode 1)

Description: Interview with Danny Iny, author of Teach and Grow Rich and creator of Course Builders Laboratory. Danny discusses the huge shift from "information products" to true "online education," and how you can take advantage of this shift as an authentic expert. Don't miss the next [...]

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The Authentic Expert, Episode #11: Be An Online Course Superhero (with Andrea Scher)

Description: Interview with life coach, blogger and teacher Andrea Scher (from Superhero Life). Topics include how to create creative and successful online courses, and tips for marketing your courses in a real and authentic way. Don't miss the next episode! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, [...]

The Authentic Expert, Episode #9: Find the Heart of Your Teaching (with Mark Silver)

Description: Mark Silver brings heart and spirit into business. In our interview, he shares how he approaches teaching and business from a spiritual perspective. About Mark Silver Mark is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who has run a distribution business, turned around a struggling non-profit magazine, and worked as [...]