Ruzuku New Features Roundup

You know what I think is cool? Seeing the different types of online courses and programs that you all run on ruzuku. When I scroll through the list of courses we host, I see… An art program. Followed by a business coaching program. Then a class [...]

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Customize your course’s signup page!

Branded Signup Pages Previously we announced awesome new branding customizations for your courses. We’ve just extended those design options to your course’s signup pages! You can brand your students’ entire course experience from signup to completion. Streamlined Activity Creation We’ve also [...]

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Sneak peek at the new step pages

Hi, it’s Rachel again! Continuing to share our redesign progress, today I bring you the new “step page” design (bigger version here): ‘Steps’ represent modules or topics in a course. This Step in a health coaching course is titled ‘Feel Good About What You Eat.’ [...]

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