Sneak peek at the new activity pages

Big changes are afoot here at Ruzuku. We’re redesigning the course pages to help better guide students through the learning process. Today I’m sharing the new activity page designs (you can see the life-size version on Forrst): Most of the changes involve streamlining the information [...]

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February Changes to Ruzuku

February was full of performance and technology updates. We’ve implemented fragment caching to help boost responsiveness in discussions and upgraded to jQuery 1.7 to boost AJAX-based interactions. I also moved all of our JavaScripts to the foot of the document. This means pages load faster [...]

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January Changes to Ruzuku

This January Ruzuku got a new team member: me! I’m Rachel Nabors, the new front-end developer. A front-end developer wrangles all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript on a site so that visitors have a faster, more consistent experience across all your devices and browsers. I’ll [...]

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The Reviews Keep Comin’

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we love getting user feedback! That’s why we were so excited to see consultant and blogger Meredith Eisenberg write a review for ruzuku. Not only does Meredith explain how she set up her course, she took [...]

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We Have a WINNER!

We had such a great time running our Teaching Sells + ruzuku Giveaway, and we hope you had fun too! It was so much fun that we actually decided to pick TWO winners. The winner of six free months of ruzuku is… DEB ROBSON! Our [...]

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