February was full of performance and technology updates. We’ve implemented fragment caching to help boost responsiveness in discussions and upgraded to jQuery 1.7 to boost AJAX-based interactions.

I also moved all of our JavaScripts to the foot of the document. This means pages load faster without having to wait for all those scripts to finish loading!

Activity Page Improvements for Guides
When guides using FireFox, Chrome, or Safari create or edit activities, they will have access to their browser’s native spellchecking now, just like they do throughout the rest of the site.

Tip: If you are using Internet Explorer or another browser doesn’t support native spellchecking, we advise you draft your text with a word processing tool with spellchecking, like Google Docs or Word, and then copy and paste the final text into Ruzuku.

As an added precaution, we’ve added an alert if you try to leave the edit activity page without saving your changes.

Email Updates
From now on email notifications will come from guides instead of Ruzuku. We’ve also ended “end of step” emails, which seemed more confusing than anything!

Course Management
Guides can now delete unpublished courses! And on-demand courses now have overview pages.

Redesign Ahead
Keep an eye on our blog over the next few weeks. We’ll be posting sneak peeks of our upcoming redesign!