Ready for a simple and powerful idea to move your online course forward?

You can start earning money from your course…


Right after you read this post.

How, you ask?


It’s simple.

Just flip your thinking around.

Most people say, “I’m going to create an online course, and then I’ll sell it.”

Instead, try saying…

“I’m going to sell my online course — and then I’ll create it.”

Sell first. Then teach beautifully.

Here are 4 reasons why you should sell your course in advance:

  1. You’ll validate that people want this specific course offer from you. This is especially crucial if it’s your first course. Never put a ton of work into a course unless you KNOW that people want to sign up and pay for it.
  2. You’ll start earning revenue almost immediately, instead of “someday when the course is ready.”
  3. If you struggle with procrastination when working on a course idea (come on, everyone does!), this approach will bust right through it. You’ll have people signed up and ready for the course — which means rock-solid accountability to create the course structure and content.
  4. You’ll be able to connect with and talk with your participants early on, so they can actually help you shape the course focus to their needs and questions… turning a daunting solo exercise into a fun collaboration.

And guess what?

It’s a no-risk approach.

Here’s the worst-case scenario: you make your offer.

“Sign up for a special early-bird discount on my upcoming course!”

And it doesn’t go quite like you hoped. Maybe only a couple of people sign up.

That’s not a failure… That’s actually great!

You just saved yourself a huge amount of time going down the wrong path…

And you have two people you can talk to to understand their needs and figure out what the right course focus is.

Now, you also need to deliver value to them since they signed up and paid you.

You could either offer them coaching or services that exceed the value of their payment, or you could refund their payment. Either is great.

Exciting stuff. You ready for the step-by-step?

We’ll give you tactics on pre-selling in this presentation:

Roadmap to Your First $5K in Course Revenue »

Check it out now.

Absorb the presentation. Take notes on what you can apply. And put the roadmap into action.

Then let me know what questions you have — I want to help you move forward. Connect with us on Twitter – we’re @ruzuku. Or send me a note: abe AT ruzuku DOT com.