… Too Much Content!

In his recent newsletter, Dr. Will Thalheimer writes:

Most training courses, whether classroom or e-learning, suffer from presenting too much content.

It’s not that content is bad. The problem is that content presented without reinforcement is content that will mostly be forgotten.

Here’s what I’ve been recommending to clients: Your training courses should devote more than 40-50% of learning time to activities where learners are doing more than watching or listening.

Especially valuable is providing your learners with realistic practice, for example with hands-on exercises, simulations, or decision-making scenarios.

Scenario-based questions are particular advantageous, as they are RELATIVELY easy to create, but are powerfully aligned with the research on learning (if well designed)./blockquote>

How can you help your learners *take action* rather than passively watching, reading, or listening?