I’m writing today to invite you to join our 30 Day Course Creation Challenge.

The program itself doesn’t cost a dime, so I’m not trying to convince you to invest your money with us.

Instead, I’m trying to convince you to invest your time, energy, and passion with us.

Did you know there are thousands of people who have signed up for our mailing list, blog, or podcast… who have never created a single online course?

I’m tired of seeing this — caring, committed teachers who are failing to claim their authentic expert status.

If this is you… please, please consider:

The world will be better off if you share your knowledge, and help people learn.

We live in an age where having a “thirst for learning” (as Seth Godin says) is essential to success in business and to fufillment in life.

It’s your opportunity — in fact, your responsibility! — to serve that thirst for learning with your education, inspiration, and action.

We’re here to help, with:

  • A clear structure and plan. We’ll give you daily lessons and action steps to move forward.
  • Accountability and goals. We’ll offer recognition and prizes to participants who put in the work, and submit their efforts.
  • A supportive community. You’ll meet and network with other course creators who share hopes and challenges with you.

Join the Challenge, now.

Then introduce yourself in the community. I’ll see you there.