Sometimes it seems like the list of things you have to do – and learn – to get your online course out into the world will never end.

First it’s getting the idea out of your head and validating it by running a pilot. (We’ve got you covered.)

Then there’s the marketing. Oh, the marketing. (We’ve also written about that topic. A lot.)

And once you know that your idea is something your audience is interested in paying you for, you have to put together the course material in a way that makes sure your students succeed.

It’s a complicated subject. And there are people who spend their entire careers perfecting course design.

But you don’t have time for all that. You just want to get your course out there and help your audience solve their biggest problems.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with Dr Kelly Edmonds – one of our favorite course design professionals – to present her upcoming 5 Day Design Trip.

Starting next week, this fun-filled five days will help you start to build your next online course so that you can end 2016 with a bang and head into a profitable 2017.

Design your course in real time

The main purpose of this event is to help you design part of your course in real time with all the support and guidance you need.

This event will teach you how to design a single lesson in your online course — which you can then use to create the rest of your lessons.

It’s a hands-on experience, so you won’t have to endure a long series of emails or lots of talking heads. You will be plunked right into the driver’s seat so you can learn to create your best course yet.

What does the trip include?

  • Free access to the Ruzuku platform for 30 days, so you can experience uploading your content in a real space.
  • Daily tasks to design and upload one lesson so you have a model to follow to complete the rest of your course, in your time.
  • Guided instructions on designing a lesson so that your students are engaged and happy with their learning. There will be instructions, illustrations, examples, and video training.
  • Tons of support from Dr Kelly, Ruzuku staff, and a learning community so that you don’t feel alone or have unanswered questions during the design process.

The 5-day itinerary

The trip begins on Monday, October 31, 2016 and runs until Friday, November 4th. It will only require 30 to 50 minutes a day to design and upload your course content. (Dr Kelly double-checked the timing.)

Here’s what you can expect each day:

Day 1


Set-up an online group and course platform.

Day 2

Sketch one lesson and compose a bit of content.

Day 3

Upload your lesson content to the Ruzuku platform.

Day 4

Design and add an engaging activity for your lesson.

Day 5

Showcase your lesson and review the work of others.

End 2016 with a bang

You’ve waited long enough to get your online course into the hands of your students.

Now it’s time to take your validated course idea and get to work.

So join the 5 Day Design Trip today, and get ready for the year-end fireworks.

The team at Ruzuku and Dr Kelly can’t wait to see your work and help you along the way! Are you going to sign up for the challenge? Let us know in the comments.