Ruzuku’s promise: Zero hassle

We talked to dozens of independent experts about what tools they’ve tried to use to set up online courses and learning communities. We learned that there’s a huge “hassle factor” getting in the way of their work. As  Marlene Hielema says, “Programming and those types of [...]

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I’m finding social constructivist theory fascinating — and likewise have found this summary of Presence Pedagogy equally fascinating. We are focused on some of these same principles as we build out Ruzuku. From the site: The Core Principles of Presence Pedagogy that guide its use in virtual environments: Ask questions and correct misperceptions; Stimulate background knowledge and expertise; Capitalize on the presence of others; Facilitate interactions and encourage community; Support distributed cognition; Share tools and resources; Encourage exploration and discovery; Delineate context and goals to act upon.

Presence Pedagogy: Needs Some More Dimensions

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Are you interested in turning ideas from your book, e-book, or blog into an online course and learning community?

Souldancer, the writer and speaker behind Pay Me What I’m Worth, facilitatespowerful life-changing retreats on Hawai’i’s Big Island and Maui. SD is alsopublished author, internationally recognized key-note speaker and radio show host. Here’s what he says about Ruzuku:Ruzuku provides a savvy, eye-catching learning community for offering classes in clear, simple [...]

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