Currently, all courses on ruzuku are scheduled to start on a specific date, and everyone who participates in the course has this start date in common. While there are some clear benefits to this model — including providing a stronger foundation for a tight-knit, supportive learning community — we recognize that it’s inflexible, and we know this rigidity can be frustrating at times.

That’s why we’re developing “On Demand” courses for ruzuku. While you will always be able to create scheduled courses, we’re also going to provide the capability to create courses that start based on when a participant signs up.

You’ll be able to offer these types of courses on a “drop in” or “on demand” basis — the signup link will always be open, and students will be able to register and start participating in the learning community at any time.

We’re still actively designing and developing this capability — so if you have any ideas or suggestions for this type of flexible-enrollment course, we’d love to hear your ideas. Drop us a line: