Head in Hands

Tell me if this rings true for you:

Your passion is to help people learn and grow.

Maybe you want to help them set goals or discover their voice as a writer. Make art. Get their business on track. Or get healthy.

There is so much to learn and so much *opportunity* to help people learn, online.

And yet.

There’s so much hype. So many false, empty promises around creating online programs & products.

I hear that from people we talk to. And I feel there’s a larger movement swelling up.

We’re starting to see through these clouds of distraction and see the truth:

— there’s no giant pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

— no huge payoff

— no push-button, instant solution


We can genuinely serve people through our work online.

Yes: you should operate like a business. You should make money. You should be successful.

But you should do so in a way that’s feels genuine for you, true to your ideals and to the type of expert you’re trying to be…

Not because someone has promised you a 1-2-3 formula that’s going to make you millions of dollars.

You’re nauseated by these empty claims and the hucksters behind them.

You’re ready to embrace online learning as a way for passionate, genuine experts to share their knowledge more easily, more quickly, and more honestly.

We feel the same way. And we believe it’s time for a movement to reclaim online learning.

To move away:

… from hype, squeeze pages, bonuses and joint ventures (sure, they have their place, but they shouldn’t dominate the conversation).

And to move toward:

… authentic learning, word of mouth, “less is more,” and shared struggles.

This won’t happen overnight. But we can start, right now.

We’ll go first.


We recently hosted a webinar in which we shared six core ideas about how to reclaim online learning and rediscover our identities as independent creators and teachers.

We posted a replay of the webinar in our free mini-course, The 6 Principles for Authentic Online Teaching.

Will you join us? Register now >

P.S. This is not a “how to.”

This is to make you think.

And at the end, we’ll invite you to take the next step with us. To discover your own core beliefs about teaching and learning online.