Do you hold this belief…

Private, personalized one-on-one coaching (or consulting) is the gold standard.

It’s the best way to help learn, shift mindset, and change behavior.

The only problem is that it doesn’t scale.

Resonate for you?

It’s a very commonly-held belief.

You might even have been believing it implicitly without articulating it.

Yet it can be quite pernicious to hold one-on-one services as the gold standard.

It shuts down the possibility of other types of learning.

And in my experience, simply having a private 1:1 relationship with a client isn’t a panacea.

I’ve worked privately with clients who had productive coaching calls and developed an action plan, but still didn’t make meaningful progress or get great results.

Moreover, many people prefer to learn in a group setting with peer support.

They love the feeling of being surrounded by supportive, encouraging people.

They love sharing and receiving comments on their work.

In this way, an online course can actually be more engaging, and a more powerful learning experience, than a personalized one-on-one service.

If — and this is a big “if!” — you deliver a truly well-designed program that gives people the support they need to take action.

You need to incorporate the best ideas from proven course models and instructional design.

How to get better results with your online programs

Learn how to design an online course that will make a difference in the lives of your participants