The Authentic Expert, Episode #1: From Course Fatigue to Energized Online Teaching (with Charlie Gilkey)

Description: Interview with business coach and teacher Charlie Gilkey. Topics include simple, practical ways to engage participants online, and how do you get moving when your course design feels "stuck." Don't miss the next episode! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio,, or TuneIn. Or get sign up [...]

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Is a 6-figure course possible?

  A question I’m often asked is: Is it possible for me to have a six-figure online course? The answer: It depends. What? Were you expecting a different answer? Maybe some fantasy internet marketing offer like “Make Your Programs Make You Millions?" Come on. Let's be honest. [...]

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Does your marketing bore you?

I recently interviewed Dr. Rachna Jain from Profitable Popularity (she has amazing insights about all aspects of online marketing — she helped design our full 4-week group coaching program, and the complete interview with her is included in the program too). I asked her a [...]

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Ruzuku’s Promise: Stay on Track!

Traditionally, most experts have tried to reach their audience by broadcasting information (i.e. publishing books, blogs, CD’s, DVD’s and/or speaking in keynotes, workshops, seminars.). But there’s a fundamental weakness in the broadcast model: while they get the information to your audience, they don’t help your audience [...]

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