We need to be candid.

Creating and selling successful online programs is genuinely challenging.

We shouldn’t treat the work as trivial, or say that “anyone can just figure it out.”

Which makes it so important…

To figure out ways to:

Save money,

Save time, and

Save frustration…

Before you get “stuck.”

After observing hundreds of authors, speakers, coaches, artists, and other experts creating online courses…

We’ve identified some of the key bottlenecks.

Save time.

One of the biggest time sucks is researching and configuring countless different services…

As a small business owner it is tempting to DIY your own course platform… how hard could it be, right?

So you test course platforms, membership sites, payment providers, video hosting, webinars/teleseminars.

Wrangling this technology leaves you sitting at home on a Friday night with 50 tabs open in Chrome, comparing features of teleseminar services.

Not our idea of a good Friday night, and I bet it isn’t yours either.

Ruzuku brings you the technology you need in one package.

Make one decision, and save yourself countless wasted hours.

Save frustration.

It’s not just time and money.

The sneaky killer of your dreams?


When things get too frustrating, your energy level plummets and you are drawn like a magnet back to “safe” work (whether that’s bread-and-butter client work, a day job, or whatever you know you can do without frustration).

You find a great webinar service, test it, and find that it’s user friendly and just what you need… EXCEPT it doesn’t record your sessions.

Frustrated, you go back to the drawing board.

Imagine this happening for every single service you need to set up for your course.


Actually, you might not need to imagine it.. many of us have gone through this course creation maze.

We’ve seen versions of this course creation burnout scenario play out with hundreds of experts, authors, coaches, and consultants, and it’s totally unnecessary.

This is one of the reasons we created ruzuku …

We believe it should be ridiculously easy to create your online course.

So join us:

Let’s take the next step on your journey to successful online programs, together.