Ruzuku vs. Ebooks

The Value of PublishingAs we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, many independent experts scale their expertise by broadcasting information, and the most straightforward way to broadcast your message is through publishing a book or an ebook. It’s simple, and it can work — depending on what [...]

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Is Ruzuku for you?

We designed Ruzuku for passionate, independent experts. Does that sound like you? You’re probably a good fit for Ruzuku if… You want to help people learn and grow Is there something (anything!) that you love helping people learn about? Here are some topics that current [...]

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Ruzuku’s Promise: Stay on Track!

Traditionally, most experts have tried to reach their audience by broadcasting information (i.e. publishing books, blogs, CD’s, DVD’s and/or speaking in keynotes, workshops, seminars.). But there’s a fundamental weakness in the broadcast model: while they get the information to your audience, they don’t help your audience [...]

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