One of the biggest challenges to creating an online course (or any information product for that matter) is actually finding the time and doing the work of creating the structure and content for your course. While we can’t eliminate the work, we can make it a little easier, which is our second promise to you: make Ruzuku easy to use.

Our goal is to deliver a powerful platform that respects your time and doesn’t let poorly designed and overly complex features get in your way. Your tool should empower you, not frustrate you, which is why we focus on creating a straight-forward user interface that allows you to get started quickly.

From the feedback we often get about our course creation tools, we know we’re on the right track:

  • “I like the simplicity of the user interface, high usability” (Huijin, leadership development)
  • “Good job with usability, everything is so clean!” (Julio, digital marketing consultant).

We still see plenty of room for improvement, though. We’ll be continuing to enhance and polish these tools over time — all with the goal of respecting your time and making you more productive.