Dr. Lisa Chu, M.D.founder of The Music Within Us, is an experienced performer, educator, and creative entrepreneur. She offers individual life coaching, group classes and workshops, and writes and speaks on a variety of subjects related to life balance, self-care, and wellness. Her story and lessons resonate particularly with caring professionals who have achieved milestones of outer success and status yet still yearn for a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.  Ruzuku has made it easy for Lisa to scale her personal coaching and workshops into online learning communities. Here’s what she says about Ruzuku

I’m using ruzuku.com to lead online courses focused on personal development and self-care. I’ve organized two courses so far: “Self-Care for the Caring Professional” and “12 Days of Holiday Sanity: How To Stay Sane In The Midst Of Holiday Craziness.”

Creating a media-rich experience for my participants.

Ruzuku has enabled me to create a media-rich e-book and learning community all in one. I have a small group of enrollees whom I know well. I’ve had several in-depth email conversations “offline” that were definitely facilitated by the content and the mode of delivery on ruzuku. Had we been in person, we would not have been able to go so deep. This is what I’m finding in coaching – that often the best conversations are the ones by phone or email, because the social cues of in-person interactions aren’t masking people’s ability to “go there” and share private information.

Flexibility is key for my community.

The other feedback I’ve received is by phone conversation, from someone who isn’t actively posting feedback online. She noticed that the online format and go-at-your-own-pace way of delivering the materials on ruzuku enabled her to repeatedly try to start the course on several different days. It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th attempt that she really started to “get it” and resonate with the course content. She was simply in a different place mentally/physically and was finally ready to receive the lessons, not just go through the motions.

Ruzuku is better than an ebook or blog! 

I prefer ruzuku’s structure to an e-book or blog because it’s media-rich and is pushed to the reader in small chunks over time.

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