Excited to share a big facelift to the “Profile” section of ruzuku with you.

Check it out here: https://ruzuku.com/settings/

It’s now simpler, cleaner, and prettier to manage your profile… which should also make life much easier for your participants, too!

As part of this design update, we’ve also overhauled the “Manage Course” menu in your course list

Previously, this menu could be quite finicky when scrolling, which was awfully frustrating (I speak from experience!) The new menu is much more reliable.

Finally, you now have the option to subscribe directly through ruzuku using a credit card (previously, all subscriptions came through PayPal).

If you’re already subscribed through PayPal, you are good to go! You do NOT need to make any changes to your account right this second.

That said, if you would *prefer* to manage your subscription through your ruzuku profile rather than through PayPal, please contact us and we can help you switch over.

Thoughts? Questions? Ideas? Get in touch with us on Twitter (@ruzuku) or email (support@ruzuku.com) and let us know!