Have you ever had this thought when working on an online course?

“The deep dark fear is…will anyone be interested in my class? Laugh.”

Ouch. That’s not a happy laugh, is it?

More of a laugh-cry.

We didn’t make this up, by the way. That’s a real quote from a participant in one of our free courses.

Maybe you are feeling the same fear. (And, unfortunately, this isn’t the only fear you’ll need to face when launching an online course. We’ll help with some other big ones, too. Stay tuned for that.)

So this thought… “What if I build a course and nobody comes?”

That fear can feel crippling. It can put the brakes on your forward progress.

I want to help you escape the fear.

Because, in my experience, I’ve NEVER seen a course that got “zero” signups. Never.

Even if you get just 1 signup, you have the opportunity to learn. You can inspire that person.

You can understand her needs and questions and challenges so deeply that your brainstorming explodes with new activities and approaches, fueling your conviction to go out and help the next person. The next 10 people. The next 100 people.

And while we’re talking about reaching more people, I can say with certainty that there is a WRONG way to think about launching your online program.

This mistaken mindset is at the root of so much fear, confusion, and frustration. And unfortunately, it’s incredibly common.

The wrong path is to say to yourself: “I have to get 30 signups at this price point.”

The implication being, “If I don’t get 30 signups, I’ll be disappointed and feel like a failure.”

It’s so hard for us to see people approach launches like this because if you don’t hit your target, you might just abandon the idea of running online courses altogether.

And we know that you can grow a successful business through online programs. You just need to have a plan and a positive approach to launching.

The way we address this challenge in our Roadmap to $5K in Course Revenue is by having you pre-sell your course right away — so you get the excitement & feedback of people coming and joining while you’re still building the course.

For some of you, this may be very stressful. You may worry that you won’t be ready in time, or that people will demand refunds.

And I understand that. It’s scary at first. But trust us, it works.

If you’ve been dreading the chill of fear, like an ice cube pressed against your skin, our approach will feel like a luxurious hot shower.