Updated 4-29-19-You can take payment through Infusionsoft, then pass your students over to Ruzuku for course registration and to access all your course content. Get tips on how to set that up in this article: [Use shopping carts or payment tools with Ruzuku]

Many people ask us, “Is Infusionsoft any good? Can I teach an engaging, successful online course using Infusionsoft?”

There can be confusion in this area, because Infusionsoft itself is not a course delivery or teaching tool. Learn more here: How to use InfusionSoft and ruzuku to prepare for the launch and sale of your online course.

Rather, it’s a powerful sales and marketing tool that you can use to power the business side of your online courses.

Why use Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft helps you:

  • manage your customers and email subscribers in a single place
  • automate your marketing (such as email follow-up sequences)
  • sell products and courses online

You can learn more about Infusionsoft on their website.

How can I launch an online course with Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft itself doesn’t provide the capabilities you need to run an online course, such as:

  • content management (hosting videos, PDFs, and other course materials)
  • community (online discussions)
  • live online classes (teleclasses or video webinars)

You can use an online course platform, such as ruzuku, that integrates with Infusionsoft.

We’ve written two in-depth articles to help you launch your online course using Infusionsoft and ruzuku:

    1. How to use InfusionSoft and ruzuku to prepare for the launch and sale of your online course
  1. Launching and selling an online course using Infusionsoft and ruzuku

Please review these articles for more detailed advice and tips to get the most out of Infusionsoft, and prepare to launch a successful online course!