Building excitement: The course launch campaign

OK, it’s go time.

Now that you’ve primed the pump, it’s time to launch your course in earnest.

This is no time to be shy. The people on your early bird list are primed and ready to hear about your course.

Plan an extensive email campaign — which you can send through Infusionsoft — with lots of opportunities for people to learn about the course, and engage with your ideas.

As a rule of thumb, plan to send at least 7 emails to your early-bird list over a period of 1 – 2 weeks. These emails can include content such as:

  • telling the story of your course (why you created the course, and what problems it solves)
  • sharing experiences or case studies of people who have benefited from your teaching
  • previewing ideas and learnings from the course
  • addressing common questions about or objections to the course offer

You can end your email sequence with final reminders that registration is closing soon, giving people a “last chance” to join.

You can also promote your course launch to your main email list (for example, if you have a general newsletter list). The email campaign to this list should be shorter and more focused. For example, you might schedule 2 emails:

  • In advance of the launch, send a note with a teaser that the course is coming soon and inviting people to opt into your early bird list to get access to exclusive content (such as a video, PDF download, or a free mini-course on ruzuku).
  • During the “launch window,” when course registration is open, send one email with all the details about the course and why you’re offering it. Invite people to view the course sales page or invite them to a webinar where they can experience your teaching and learn more about the course.

Ka-ching! Handling registration and payment

Infusionsoft and ruzuku work together to make it easy for people to register, pay and join your course.

First, you’ll create an order form for your course using Infusionsoft’s order form builder.

Then, in ruzuku you’ll link your Infusionsoft account to your ruzuku account.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to integrate your Infusionsoft order form with your ruzuku course signup. Here’s how:

How do I integrate Ruzuku with an order form on Infusionsoft?

Note: these instructions assume that you have already created an order form for your ruzuku course within Infusionsoft. If you need help creating an order form within Infusionsoft, please contact their customer support.

  1. In Infusionsoft, go to the main menu by hovering over the Infusionsoft logo
  2. From the menu, click the E-Commerce heading. This will load the E-Commerce Setup page.
  3. Hover over the menu item Order Forms,click View Order Forms
  4. Click on the order form that you’ve previously created.
  5. Scroll down to Thank-you page settngs.
  6. Select Web Address
  7. In the Web Page URL, paste the URL listed under Thank You Page on the left.
  8. Check the Pass Person’s info to ‘Thank You’ page url (This is for techies).
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

What does the order order process through Infusionsoft look like for my customers?

You will link your sales page to the order form you have setup inside Infusionsoft. When a customer completes their order, they will be forwarded to ruzuku where they can complete their registration for the course by completing the registration form. If they already have an account, they can also sign in. Once they have registered OR signed in, they are fully registered for the course.

You’re all set!

You can test out the whole process for yourself by doing the following:

  • Create a discount code in Infusionsoft so you can register for your course for $0.00
  • Open a private/incognito window in your web browser (so that you aren’t logged into ruzuku as the instructor of the course)
  • Go to the order form for your course
  • Register and “pay” for the course with your discount code — make sure to use a different email address than your primary ruzuku email, so that you can create a new “student” account
  • You’ll be passed over to ruzuku to complete registration and join the course!