Back at the beginning of March, we issued a challenge…

A 30 Day Course Creation Challenge.

And when we checked in with our Challenge participants to see what their biggest takeaways and “aha” moments were from their month of course creation fun, they had such great insight on their experiences that we just had to share with you!

From getting started with the creation process, to keeping it simple, here’s their advice:

Takeaway: Get started

It’s hard to choose between two big aha moments. My favorite is realizing I don’t need a ton of content to get started or even at all!! The one I find more challenging is starting the course creation with “what problem do I solve?” but I’m very grateful for the challenge as it makes far more sense than me just presenting an unstructured mess!
– Laura Williams, Awakened Forest Project

Just START! I did, and may not be moving as quickly as I’d like but putting a date on the calendar for my first webinar, even before modules 1 & 2 are complete has lit a fire!
– Nancy Chorpenning, C-Suite Advisors


Takeaway: Create as you go

My absolute biggest takeaway so far, and possibly even at the end of the challenge is that, you don’t have to have your course structure and content completely done, with every little detail, before you offer it! The “create as you learn” and “co-create” concept/approach makes so much sense. It’s a bit scary for a perfectionist, but it makes sense 🙂
– Denise DeGennaro, Igniting Vitality


Takeaway: Be of benefit

My biggest “aha” so far has been the shift from: What idea do I have to share with my clients? To, what outcome am I helping my clients achieve? That’s an important difference!
– McKenzie Zajonc, Inner Nutritionist

The biggest “aha” moment came when during one of the coaching events. Abe mentioned that our courses don’t have to include everything or be perfect. What people will appreciate and remember from the course is the personal attention given to them. That resonated!
Cristina da Silva

My biggest takeaway was getting more clarity around my audience (and the problem I can help them solve) than ever before!
– Mary Anne


Takeaway: Keep it simple

My biggest takeaway from the course so far is that by cutting away all the time-sucking extra materials and planning, I can actually improve the impact and value of my class for my clients — freaking brilliant!!
– Jeannette Bessinger, The Clean Food Coach

I’m still pondering my details, but the biggest two things for me are 1) being really specific and 2) being really simple in the design of the course. This will help my right students take right action toward a skill they want to develop.
Kali Ferguson


Takeaway: You can do it

I am really psyched with my course outline and and the feedback I have gotten. It’s much more engaging than it was, trying to work on it by myself.
– Mary Rettig, Journaling With Mary

Biggest takeaway so far: “This is totally doable.”
– Sarah Downey, The Magic Well


Takeaway: The view from the finish line

Our first takeaway was from Laura Williams of the Awakened Forest Project — and we checked back in with her at the end of the challenge, and she had this to add:

I think the biggest thing was when you introduced the idea of not having to provide tons of content or even finish the course before you start. My strength is in interaction anyway so this was a huge relief for me and took away any barriers to actually getting started!! And so I got started!!
Also encouraging me to narrow down my content to solving problems and providing solutions. Although this is not so straightforward with my nebulous ‘Nature Connection’ subject – it was still possible and I am still doing it.
And the result? I am in the first week of my pilot course – You Are Nature which is going amazingly well and I am learning so much! I am planning the first paid course and loving every minute. You have so much to offer and I am really, really grateful for your help in getting started.
A huge thank you to you both.

What’s your challenge?

If you’re feeling stuck with creating your course, we hope that this small glimpse inside the world of the 30 Day Course Creation Challenge has been helpful.

How are you feeling about your course creation process? Could you use your own 30 Day challenge? Let us know in the comments!