Enjoy this interview with Jen Louden, a brilliant teacher and creator of the remarkable TeachNow program.

TeachNow is the program for when you want…

  1. To know what to teach—and have the confidence to teach it
  2. To get started teaching—or transform what is currently bugging you about teaching
  3. To be able to plan—without over-planning—an effective, engaging program (regardless of format: live, e-course, retreat, or other)
  4. To work with challenging students, negative feedback, and other teaching yucks
  5. To effectively market through teaching
  6. To make a sustainable living doing what you love (Here’s where we don’t say “make 6 figures”—Aren’t we all sick of that!)

We’re proud to partner with TeachNow and endorse the program 100%. We’re an affiliate of TeachNow simply because we believe so strongly in Jen’s teaching.