thank you

You’re committed to Beating the Course Creation Blues. You’ve got a draft course up and a pilot group of participants on board.

Once you’re to the point you can launch the course, be sure to thank everyone that helped you. I’d suggest doing this in two places.

First, find somewhere inside the course — usually at the beginning or at the end — to thank everyone that helped make it happen. If there are people in the pilot group with their own blogs or websites, link to those. And if anyone from the group really went the extra mile, write a line or two about what they did and what it means to you. Publicly thanking people like this goes a long way.

Second, send a personal thank you note. Email is fine if you don’t know their mailing address. Ideally, though, you should send a handwritten note thanking them for their time. If there’s something particular they helped you with, include that. Personal touches are always more appreciated and will be remembered for a long time to come.

Finally, think about ways you can surprise and delight these early adopters. Can you provide a special, unexpected bonus from them? Perhaps an ebook or digital program from one of your colleagues? Or a private group coaching call for everyone who participated? Or a tangible gift, like a book that has inspired you?

If you make these people, who are already engaged with you, feel special, they can become powerful advocates for your course, and your brand.

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