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If you’ve been following along, you’re now in the middle of beating the course creeation blues with our ready-fire-aim strategy.

One of the most rewarding things you can do for your pilot students is to actually take their feedback seriously and use it to improve your course.

So, once you’ve gotten some feedback—get in there and make the updates, as quickly as you can.

Need a new lesson? Post it.

Need a better video? Make it.

Even those pesky spelling and grammar errors—fix those as fast as you can so that you show your pilot students that you are taking their feedback seriously.

Once you’ve made the updates, do two things.

First, email all the people who pointed out the error and tell them it’s fixed.

And, second, respond to any post about the error and thank the person for their feedback and tell them it is fixed.

This allows you a chance for both a public and more personal thank you to the people that are helping you — which means that they will be much more likely to continue providing feedback and supporting you as you move forward.

Coming up next, we’ll discuss Step 4: Weekly check-ins.