(image credit: Eric Klein)

In this series, we’re talking about tackling the challenge of course creation head on, by publishing your course before it’s finished.

To make the most of this strategy, you’ll want to make sure people have an easy way to give you feedback.

The easiest way is to just allow feedback inside the course itself. But it’s probably not the kind of content or discussion you’re going to want to live in the course when you actually start selling it.

So have a plan in place to create a copy of your course for the actual launch. (In ruzuku, this is as simple as clicking “Copy Course” on your course dashboard.) You can try to give them a special area, but the harder you make it to give feedback, the less likely you are to get it.

And since you know that this is a pilot version of the course, you can include surveys right in your lessons.

Here’s a sample survey for you:

  1. Overall feedback: What aspects of this course did you most enjoy?
  1. How could this course be improved?
  1. Any other thoughts, comments, or ideas?
  1. Would you be willing to share your experience as a testimonial (short paragraph about the course)?

At the same time, encourage personal interaction with your early students. Provide your direct email and phone number and encourage them regularly to talk to you and share their ideas. People love to have their opinions heard!

Stay tuned for Step 2: Recruit Pilot Students, coming soon.