Have you secretly feared that you’re not enough of an expert to teach an online course?

We believe you are.

Yes, that’s right!


And how do we know? Because we use this meaning of the word “expert”-

It’s from the Latin — expertus. Which in turn means:

tested; having been tested
proved; having been proven
experience; having been experienced

Have you tested techniques? Proved that they work for yourself? Experienced the benefits?

Yes? (We thought so.)

By the definition, that makes you an expert.

In the world of adult learning… teaching isn’t about being a ‘sage on a stage.’

It’s about motivating…

… and most of all — learning. Learning new ideas yourself and sharing what you’re learning with others.

That’s why I believe anyone — yes, anyone! — can create an online course.

We’re all teachers.

We’re all experts. (And it helps to be part of a community, a tribe, of other experts. We’ll come back to that later).

As long as you have the right intention: to bring valuable techniques, knowledge and practices to your audience.

Practices you have tested, proved, and experienced yourself.

One more thing.

It’s also crucial to provide a great learning experience for your participants.

That means designing your course outline and activities with clear results in mind…

… making it easy to access, navigate, and contribute to the course …

… and being an active partner in your participants’ learning process.

So let’s review. We believe anyone — yes, anyone! — can create an online course.

Provided that these 3 bedrock principles are in place:

  1. You have a clear intention to deliver value to your participants.
  2. You have techniques or strategies that generate results.
  3. You follow good principles of learning design, leading to a quality learning experience.

(BTW, on ruzuku we’ve taken care of this for you on the tech side & we help teach you the principles of good learning design).

So claim your authority. Get clear about your intention. And commit yourself to creating a great learning experience for your participants.

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing, by the way, in our upcoming 30 Day Course Creation Challenge.

Together, we’ll help people learn & grow.